The Winners of the Majors of the Byford Golf Club

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Year Gross
Captains Trophy Ambrose Trophy Putters Cup

Byford Cup
(Alcoa Cup pre'00)

1975 G Mather L Arndt        
1976 G Mather D Duthie        
1977 G Mather G Anderton   G Anderson - B Logan    
1978 G Mather C Burro   G Craddick - T Rubery   T West
1979 G Mather F Bates   J Mulhall - W Coughlin   J Facey
1980 J Facey T Rubery   B Arthur - J Coughlin W Coughlin W Coughlin
1981 T Taylor R Lurssen R Weary N Firth - B Arthur R McPhail N Prestegar
1982 N Flegg M Craig D Yates R McPhail - D McPhail T Taylor F Rubery
1983 R McPhail P Mather D Pass P Mather - C North N Prestegar R Lurssen
1984 D Pass P Weary D Pass M Craig - A Newton T Greenfield F Cook
1985 D Pass T Greenfield D Pass N Prestegar - N Steward R McPhail P Weary
1986 M Yates P Schenk W Coughlin M Yates - P Blaize B Gossage A Ryder
1987 M Yates B Pascoe A Baird D Pass - M Yates M Yates P Mather
1988 K Crompton P Schenk F Cook R Weary - P van Herk D McCahon R McPhail
1989 M Lawson B Pascoe D Pass D McCahon - P van Herk J Coughlin E Hereygers
1990 M Lawson R McKinley J Blades K Crompton - A McKinley F Cook A McKinley
1991 M Yates B Glass T Greenfield J Coughlin - N Steward D Day M Lawson
1992 M Lawson L Williams G Mills K Crompton - C Pallentine J Coughlin J Mulhall
1993 M Yates G Norris W Coughlin N Steward - R van Herk W Coughlin J Blades
1994 K Crompton D Day R McKinley J Blades - C Reid W Coughlin L Williams
1995 M Yates J Mulhall G Mills R Weary - B Pascoe B Pascoe D Baptiste
1996 M Yates P Weary M Yates J Mulhall - R van Herk P van Herk M Yates
1997 M Yates S Stone J Rutherford C Reid - P van Herk M Yates R van Herk
1998 J Blades J Coughlin J Langley R Scutts - P Pronyszyn P van Herk S Langley
1999 M Yates J Blades N Steward J Blades - D Del Toro J Blades K Chopping
2000 M Yates P Mather J Blades J Blades - D Del Toro P Mather M Yates
2001 M Yates J Rewi J Rewi G Lynch - J McMiles P Schenk P van Herk
2002 M Yates B Griffiths J McMiles D Cornish - M Yates P Schenk J Blades
2003 M Yates M Yates R van Herk R van Herk - J McMiles J Coughlin P Mather
2004 M Yates P Bachman R van Herk R van Herk - J McMiles J Tester D Thurston
2005 M Yates M Yates R Scutts P Mather - G Burke M Yates J Coughlin
2006 J Blades T Bartlett R Scutts J Blades - P Pronyszyn J Blades P van Herk
2007 J Blades N Steward J Blades P Mather - B Griffiths P Schenk M Yates
2008 J Blades J Blades K Chopping D Batey - R van Herk J Blades P van Herk
2009 M Yates P Schenk T Bartlett P Schenk - T Bartlett M Yates G Burke
2010 J Blades S Blades D Cornish D Cornish - J Blades J Blades P de Jesus
2011 J Blades K Chopping A Sterling R van Herk - T Cheverton P van Herk T Cheverton
2012 J Blades H Kamura P Schenk T Bartlett - A McKinley J Blades / S Atthis R Scutts
2013 J Blades S Atthis P de Jesus J Blades - G Burke M Yates G Burke
2014 R van Herk R van Herk T Bartlett W Turnbar - P Pronyszyn J Blades J Blades
2015 J Blades P van Herk W Turnbar P van Herk - N Steward G Burke M Yates
2016 R van Herk T Bartlett J Ackworth M O'Leary - T Bartlett R van Herk T Bartlett
2017 T Bartlett B Romein T Bartlett W Turnbar - P Pronyszyn M Yates G Burke
2018     T Bartlett