MANDURAH – STABLEFORD - Sunday 16 May 2021


Today eight members and for the second time Mark (Julio Aquino’s friend) gathered at MANDURAH for another game of golf on a slightly cool morning. We welcomed back Matt after not seeing him so far this year. And like the last time we played here it warmed up nicely (but luckily not as much) as the morning progressed.So with  9 players it was easy to make up 3 groups. The first group to tee-off consisted of Rob Van Herk, Kiwi (1- aka Tony Bartlett) and Mark. In the second group we then had Peter Pronyszyn, Julio Aquino and Matt O’Leary (aka Kiwi 2). Leaving Peter Van Herk playing with Wayne Turnbar and yours truly (aka Bart Romein) in the last group. This time we started on the 10th hole for a change of scenery with the only down side on the day being that many of us found that the amount of mosquitoes around annoyed many & they seemed to want to feast upon all of us. Perhaps the warmish late autumn weather was to blame for that. But as for the scoring we can blame the quick greens or ourselves? Now without further ado let us get to the top three followed by the usual wrap-up off the NTP’s etc.  

WINNER – Peter Van Herk with 35 Points.
After having a fairly forgettable start to the season Peter Van Herk (aka El Capitano) today finally managed to get a fair bit of form back and in the end sneak to victory by a solitary point and thus get that “no-win monkey” off his back. He started promisingly and with just a few minor hiccups on the front nine he managed to collect a healthy 17 points by halfway. On the back nine there were some missed opportunities early on but then a late brilliant birdie came at a very welcome time on his 16th hole of the day. This perhaps ended up being the main catalyst that secured that win for Peter as he managed just 3 more points in the last 2 holes. So in the end he got there by the skin of his teeth and in the process collected a much needed fiver from Kiwi1 after having such a lean trot. Last but not least he can now relax having secured himself a spot in the 2021 BYFORD MASTERS. So well done Peter and perhaps more victories may come your way now.

Second Place – Peter Pronyszyn winning via a count-back with 34 Points.
Peter Pronyszyn nearly secured back to back victories after winning at Pinjarra the week before.
Although he struggled a bit early on a trio of 3-pointers during those first nine helped offset some of those mistakes, leaving him with 15 points at half-way. Then on the back nine he started to play much better and a very timely par for 4 points in the middle of that back nine helped to bring him back into contention. However a late wipe could be said to have cost him dearly in the end. But he managed to finish in style with a final 3-pointer. So overall Peter had another solid game today and was perhaps very unfortunate to miss out on a second victory for 2021.

Third Place – Matt O’ Leary (aka Kiwi 2) beaten in a count-back with 34 Points.
Well it has been a long time since we had seen Matt O’Leary aka KIWI 2 on the golf course.
To be precise the last time we saw him was at the 2020 The MASTERS last year. So it was good to see him on the golf course & it was also no doubt a pleasant surprise to Matt to see he had not lost the ability to play some seriously good golf. Matt got off to a fast start with a 4-pointer par. But after that he struggled a bit for the remainder of that front nine and perhaps missed many opportunities for a better score. At half-way though he had collected a very decent 16 points. Then on the back nine he again had a few forgetful holes but he also had some brilliant ones.      It even included a great birdie for 4 points on the 11th hole he played (the second in normal play). And in the end he finished off his round with another great par collecting his final 4 points.
So his round could have been even better but for those occasional lapses. Well done anyway Matt and you did get some minor rewards at the end for a good round after such a long lay-off (See NTP”S).

Now for the NTP’s and Longest Putt on the last.
1st – Julio Aquino
3rd – Matt O’Leary
6th – No-One
14th – Wayne Turnbar
17th – Matt O’Leary
Longest Putt– No-One

That’s all folks for this write up.

PS. As I sent this after the Sunday May 23 game held at KWINANA, the next game will be on Saturday May 29 at ARALUEN with the usual 7.30 AM start (check the website just in case for confirmation).






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