Sunday, March 11, 2018



Well first of all a happy new year to all the BYFORD members and welcome back for the first competition day for 2018.

Today was a nice beautiful autumn day as the first competitive game was played out amongst nine members with a 7 AM start at MANDURAH.

Two major questions to be answered for this first competition game of the year were:

Would Peter Pronyszyn complete a four-peat after winning the last three years in a row?

Will any of last week’s failures to get past 20 points manage to have a half decent or even a terrific game? We shall quickly get to the answers.

Firstly two of the four players from last week turned their fortunes around, the other two did not. Peter Pronyszyn did not have a good day & neither did the Grey Ghost but we shall spare their blushes suffice to say The Grey Ghost aka Rob van Herk got the first NAGA of the year.

In total we had 4 contributions made to this year’s Masters Kitty, by the way I asked last year’s lucky man how much was in that Kitty and he said it was a whopping $300 odd dollars wow? Could this year’s Kitty get as FAT as that? Time will tell? Now without too much fanfare onto the top 3.

WINNER Tony Bartlett with a Nett 63.

Well what can one say, KIWI was devastating and it was on the cards when he kept very quiet as I tried to pry info out of him at half-way?  An early birdie (see NTP’s) set the tone for our big hitter & he must not have missed the fairway much, for he added another birdie late in his front nine also and was just one over the card off the stick on the front nine. His back-nine was also very good with just the one real minor hiccup with a double bogey on the 14th, but he still only shot 3 over off the stick on the back for a 75 off the stick gross. Therefore all we can say in typical Aussie slang is that he had a “Bloody Beauty of a round”. So Kiwi welcome to your new handicap of 10. Perhaps a single figure is not far away? Also El Capitano tried his best to win the fiver but fell short by a good margin.

2ND Place Peter Van Herk with a Nett 68.

Peter at the start said he would like some extra funds for the little one after Kiwi inquired as to whether their side-bet would continue now Peter was a dad and had less funds, so it was on again between them. At halfway El Capitano must have thought he was in with a very good chance. Starting off red hot for with 3 pars in a row surely helped pick up his spirits after last week’s disappointment. A slight mishap with a double bogey on the first par five was quickly brushed aside as he got back with another par on the next hole and just one more bogey followed, before another 3-peat of pars had Peter only 3 over the card at half way and thinking “This is going to be great day”? Alas his putter must have gotten cold a bit and refused to let him sink more par putts until it was way too late as it turned out, but two pars coming home made the second place finish still sweet afterwards. Therefore well done Peter and bad luck on not breaking 80 (he shot 81), but a great start to the year and the “anchor” worked to keep your loss of shots to just 1, so an even dozen is your new handicap.

3RD Place Bart Romein with a Nett 71. 

As I have demonstrated last year I love this course when I concentrate well, but yet again I stuffed up an opportunity to break 90. Too many near misses on the back nine was my problem. But at least I had a good round again after last week’s disaster. Also a 2-ball birdie made up for my disappointment in not breaking 90,  in the spirit of the game I took .04 off my handicap since I really should have not missed one silly putt. However I am still of 22, hopefully not for long everyone will say no doubt, including me?

Now for the NTP’s and Longest Putt on the last.

NTP     1st – Wayne Turnbar

3rd – Kiwi (2-ball?)

6th – Carl Conway

14th – No-one or Peter P?

17th – Kiwi (Icing on the cake?)

Longest Putt – Peter Van Herk   

1 Ball (2-Ball?) – Bart Romein for his Birdie on the 3rd

That’s all folks for this write up. So I hope to see more turn up next week on Saturday at PINJARRA for a 7.30 AM (To be confirmed) start. PS. With dwindling numbers I decided to only collect one ball and I hope I set a precedent?

PPS. I am not sure if Kiwi decided to get his, but from memory he was also generous and donated his back to the club.  More of that would be appreciated unless number climb up again!


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PINJARRA, Saturday 17 March. Tee off 7.30am - STROKE.
Please be at the course 30 minutes before tee off.