Meadow Springs

June 2, 2018

On the first golfing day of winter 2018 nine members rocked up for a 7.40 AM start at Meadow Springs and what a cold morning it was. El Capitano brought out his trademark beany and many others were trying to warm up their hands as best as they could. The cold spell lasted about six holes when the sun finally came through and then stayed around for the rest of a glorious morning and early afternoon.  The game of today was stableford & it was also the second round of the Match-play championships, with two matches played on the day, Wayne Turnbar v Rob Van Herk and Peter Pronyszyn v Jeff Blades. As for yours truly (the writer of this story ie. Bart Romein) I was happy in the end that Kiwi did not turn up as he thought the game was the next day. Now without further ado I shall first do the Top 3 results and then a wrap-up of the Match-play matches and the NTP’s etc.

WINNER Wayne Turnbar with 40 Points

Wayne started steadily with two 2-pointer but then got red-hot with 3 pars in a row before a wipe halted his progress for one hole on his sixth hole of the day. Wayne quickly put the wipe behind him by finishing off his first nine in style with 3 more pars and a great total of 21 points at halfway. His red hot streak continued with 2 more pars (for 3-points each) and then to top it off a 4-pointer birdie on the short par 4 third (his 12th hole since we started on the back nine as per usual here). However his red hot form then disappeared and in the remaining last six holes he just collected a mixture of 1 and 2 pointers. In the end he collected a total of 19 points on the back. So overall it was a great performance and in hindsight it could have been even more amazing. Nevertheless it turned into a well-deserved easy second victory for the year for Wayne. So well done Wayne and enjoy your new handicap of 12?

2ND Place Rob Van Herk with 36 Points.

Rob had two battles on his hand today, the individual stable-ford game and a match-play battle against Wayne. He started pretty good with just two bogeys in the first six holes and 4 pars. Then a dip in form saw him collect just 4 points in the last 3 holes, collecting a total of 17 points at halfway. On the back nine however the pars dried up early on, before he struck form again with back to back pars on holes 14 and 1. This also helped him to get back into the match-play as well. A bogey on his 16th hole for 1-point was offset by a great birdie on his 17th hole which gave him 4 points. Rob then parred the last hole for another 3 points and collected a great 19 points in total on the back nine. So well done on another second placing Rob but commiserations as well for losing a close match-play game (see the Match-play write-up further down).

3RD Place Peter Van Herk with 33 Points.

El Capitano with his favorite beanie on had a very up and down round of golf with a mixture of good and bad holes throughout his day. In the first nine holes he struggled the most but he did manage to get 2 pars for 3-points each but also collected his one and only wipe for the day. Ending up with 14 points only yet leading his 3-some by 2 points. Peter then started the last nine with a good par for 3 points but then went cold again with back to back 1 pointers. Yet he then hit another hot streak with 3 pars in a row for 3-points each time. However his finish was less spectacular with a couple of 1-pointers either side of another par for 3 points. So it could have been a very good result if he had only been a bit steadier. So well done on another good third place El Capitano and another win may not be far away for you.

Now for the match-play results.

Wayne Turnbar v Rob Van Herk - Wayne 1-up

Wayne’s match up against Rob was always going to be a tough battle as both can play great golf at times and Rob only had to give 4 shots to Wayne and indeed it proved to be great battle in the end. Rob took an early on the second hole with a par only to hand the advantage right back, a couple of halves followed with pars made by both,  before Rob again went 1-up when he got another par while Wayne got his only wipe for the day in the stable-ford competition. However Wayne fought straight back with back to back winning pars and reversed the match to a lead of 1-up in his favor and a half on the 9th then ensured he turned at halfway with that 1-Up lead. Wayne then continued his red hot form early on the back nine starting with 3 more pars in a row & winning all 3. So suddenly he was a handy 4-up with six to go. However the Grey Ghost as I like to call Rob then staged a great come-back first halving the next with a par and then winning the next 2 holes with back to back pars himself. This then left Wayne with a 2-up lead with 4 holes to go. Another half was the result on the 16th, before a brilliant birdie by Rob made the game go to the final hole and Wayne with a 1-up lead.  So it was do or die for Rob and to make it even more difficult for Rob Wayne got his last extra shot on that hole. Therefore only a birdie or a major mistake by Wayne was likely to let Rob off the hook and force a re-match. As it was Rob managed to get a great par on this tough hole but Wayne was equal to the challenge and shut the door on Rob with a safe bogey and thus halving the hole and securing a hard fought 1-up victory. So well done Wayne you have made the semi-finals of the Match-play championship and will no doubt be a tough nut to crack.

Jeff Blades v Peter Pronyszyn – Jeff Blades 4/2

Jeff Blades match-up against Peter Pronyszyn had the makings of an interesting battle as Peter had the luxury of getting a stroke on each hole courtesy of having gone out to 28. Still against Jeff Blades Peter would need to be at the top of his game to have a chance, knowing Jeff was a steady player and also had gone out to a 10 handicap after having being on a single figure handicap for a long time. Jeff started a bit patchy and Peter soon was 2-up after 3 holes. Jeff then came back with 2 pars as Peter found some trouble, thus squaring the match again after 5 holes. Peter than matched Jeff with a great par on the second toughest hole on the course and buy virtue of his 1 stoke advantage went back to 1-up and then also matched Jeff again on the par 3 16th (their 7th hole of the day) thus going 2-up.  Jeff then managed to halve the next and win the last hole of their first nine and reduce Peter’s lead to 1-up. At the start of the last nine the fortunes turned and Jeff got his game going with four wins in a row while Peter found trouble. So suddenly Jeff was 3-up with 5 holes to go. Peter managed to stop the rot with a win on the next hole and reduce Jeff’s lead to 2-up with 4 to go. Jeff however then got another win with a good par and went to 3-up and Peter facing defeat unless he won the next hole. Alas Jeff shut the door on Peter with a bogey and won the battle 4 and 2. So well done Jeff you are now also in the semi-finals of the Match-play championship and will also be a tough opponent for anyone.     The other two matches left to be played have to occur sometime between June 16 and August 12. The Semi-final is scheduled for August 26 but with a Split sixes game on August 18 and next week’s 2-man Ambrose game, leaving 9 possible venues for those 2 games to be played.

Now for the NTP’s and Longest Putt on the last.

NTP     4th – Brian James No-One

8th – Rob Van Herk (2-ball)

11th - No-One

16th – Martin Yates

Longest Putt – Bart Romein (The only real good putt for the day – enough said).

That’s all folks for this write up.

Finally next week’s game is on Sunday June 10 at MANDURAH and it the 2-man AMBROSE trophy day with a 7 AM tee-off advertised in the guide but it may be subject to change? Check with either Peter Van Herk or Peter Pronyszyn.

The handicaps are now online... click HERE.

Bart Romein aka The Miming Poet.





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MANDURAH, Sunday 10 June. Tee off 7.00am Ambrose.
Please be at the course 30 minutes before tee off.