Following the disastrous Covid affected 2020 season, the Club will continue but in a different format.

1. One game per month at MANDURAH for months of March to November.

2. Club Championships to be held at MANDURAH and based on discussions, on September 19, October 17 and November 14.

3. MASTERS to be played at THE CUT and this year the date will be Saturday 5 December.

4. There will not be a "Captain", "President" or Committee as such.

5. There will be no Club fees. We suggest putting $5 ior $10 in each game on a winner takes all basis. Having no fees means no trophies or prizes. There may be something for the Championships and the Masters but that is to be decided...

6. Players to be asked to donate a small trophy/prize on any day they play (perhaps have a secret hole & score drawn out at the end of the game and that person gets the small prize - Just an idea).

7. Fixtures are available online.






Peter, our Secretary/Treasurer - 0428 735 801